AI-Powered QR Code and Barcode Reader SR-X Series

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    When choosing a QR code or barcode reader it is important to ensure that it is fast and able to capture clear images by performing contrast/angle/geometric corrections. Thus, even the most difficult bar codes can be read in any environment. For more details, consult the bar code reader catalog.

    Download the catalog for more product information on the KEYENCE  AI-Powered Code Reader capable of reading any code anywhere!

Three lighting patterns and built-in AI provide stable reading of everything from labels to difficult-to-read DPMs

  • Barcode

  • 2D code

  • Composite codes

  • Cast surface

  • Dirty codes

  • Hairline

  • Labels

  • [Web Tools] Easy setup and analysis from a web browser

    Web Navigator / Web Traceability Tool / Web Multi Monitor

  • Compatibility with various communication protocols

    USB keyboard / USB COM / RS-232C / PLC link / TCP/IP / FTP

  • NEW AI-Powered Code Reader SR-X Series

    Replacement made easy!

    • Compact design, 72% less volume than conventional models
    • IP67 enclosure rating
    • Auto-focus function: Min 32 mm 1.26" to Max 1000 mm 39.37"
    • Automatic tuning function

Download the catalog for more product information.

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