Inline & Offline Profile Measurement

  • High-resolution 2D/3D Laser Profiler

    LJ-X8000 Series

    High-resolution inline measurement 3200 points/profile

    The LJ-X8000 Series is the latest cutting-edge laser profiler for high-resolution 2D/3D measurements. It accurately measures height difference, width, angle and much more using a single laser displacement sensor.

    This profilometer is equipped with newly developed functions such as "Preserve Shape" and "Irregular Reflection Removal" that enable to get stable measurements of any target regardless of color, material or shape.

  • Ultra High-speed Laser Profiler

    LJ-V7000 Series

    High-speed profile measurement 64,000 profiles/second

    The LJ-V7000 Series enable to get laser measurements at 64 kHz, 240 times faster compared to conventional devices. It is recommended for those applications that require to get data at ultra high-speed or to reduce takt time.

    It is equipped with a HSE3-CMOS that enables to improve both speed and dynamic range. The result is a greater sensitivity that allows to acquire reliably measurements even with an extremely short exposure time.

  • Optical Profilometer for offline measurement

    IM-8000 Series

    Instant measurement on up to 300 dimensions in only 3 seconds

    The IM-8000 Series optical profilometer performs high-precision measurements with just one touch of a button. It measures up to 300 features in just 3 seconds thanks to a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and a new algorithm for stable edge detection. The "place and press" technology enables repeatable results regardless the operator.

    A newly developed, optional automated rotary unit allows for 360° multi-surface measurement of all surfaces.

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