• Measuring Microscope System VH-M100E

  • Measuring Microscope System

    Combining Digital and Measuring Microscope Technologies

    The VH-M100 XY Measurement System was designed to increase the reliability of measurements and allow for large samples to be measured. Combined with the functionality of the VHX-H3M3 measurement software, the VH-M100 becomes more robust and achieves even higher accuracy measurements.

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  • Navigation Window

    When using the VH-M100, a reference image is captured at low-magnification before taking measurements, and then displayed simultaneously with the high-magnification image. This allows for a quick and obvious reference to the exact location being measured on the target. Thus, the Measuring Microscope System VH-M100 provides smooth, easy to understand, high-magnification measurements.

  • Measuring Field Display Function

    In the event that a measurement is taken outside of the field of the acquired low-magnification image (used in the navigation window), the newly measured section will be simultaneously added to the main screen and low-magnification image display. Even a field of measurement that was not initially planned at the start of measurement can be conducted smoothly and without having to start over again.

  • Measurement Modes

    After a target is placed on the XY stage, the VH-M100 is able to measure the amount of movement in the stage. This allows for the measurement of samples that cannot fit within the field of view, which conventional devices have failed to accomplish.

    12 different measurement modes designed to meet basic measurement requirements, as well as more complex coordinate specifications.

  • Auto Edge Detection Function

    Through KEYENCE’s long fostered image processing technologies, detection of the measurement target edge at the pixel level is now possible. 

    With automated detection, human error is removed and work time is substantially reduced, allowing anyone to perform high-accuracy measurements with ease.

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Serie VHX-7000 Microscopio digitale Catalogo [Light version]

Serie VHX-7000 Microscopio digitale Catalogo [Light version]
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