• Offline Profilometer IM Series

  • Optical Profilometers for the offline measurement of profiles

    The new generation Optical Profilometer for the offline measurement of profiles.

    • FAST: It measures the profiles in 1 second
    • EASY: Simple interface that everyone can understand
    • CONSISTENT: Everyone have the same results

    Download the catalog to learn more on the offline Optical Profilometers:
  • Measurement of profiles in just one click

    The IM Series offline optical profilometer is a visual inspection system that performs measurements in place of optical comparator, calipers/micrometer, measuring microscope, optical CMM, laser measurement, classical profile projector and other measuring systems.

  • The new generation profilometer

    The IM Series provides so much more than a profilometer. It is an innovative instrument that can reduce a 10 minutes job to JUST 1 second. Since the whole measurement routine is automated together with focus and lighting, no matter who operates the machine, it will always give back consistent results.

  • Automatic Inspection Reports

    The optical profilometer can produce complete inspection and analysis reports, automatically saved on the system without having to manually record the data by hand.

  • Certified profiles' measurement

For more information on the optical profilometer download the brochure.

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