Precision Perfected: Explore Our High-Precision Laser Distance Sensor

  • Positioning and Distance Measurement Laser Sensors
  • Position and Distance Measurement

    When looking for the best way to measure gap/clearance, there are several factors to consider, including the shape and material of the target, the type of measurement system, and the installation environment.
    Since its establishment in 1974, each generation of KEYENCE measurement system has provided additional features and significant improvements of quality.
    Download the catalog to discover KEYENCE distance measurement sensors and choose the perfect measurement technology for your needs.
  • Solve any measurement and detection problem

    KEYENCE laser and LED Measurement technologies quickly and easily measure any object in various industries. You just need to select the right tool function and the desired target to perform distance, angle, point to point, point to line and height measurements.

  • Position correction and tilt detection tools

    Thanks to these functions, the tilt and alignment of each part are calculated and automatically corrected, reducing setup time and errors. Only 3 steps are required to complete the configuration and get accurate and stable gap, positioning and distance measurements.

  • What to measure with Optical 2D Micrometer

    The 2D Optical Micrometer TM-X5000 Series performs  diameter, height and distance measurement with the largest depth of field available. Backed by a calibration certificate and designed with a dual telecentric system, this new Micrometer provides clear, sharp and stable results.

  • What to measure with Displacement laser sensor

    The latest Laser Displacement Sensor LJ-X8000 Series is perfect for high-speed and high-resolution 2D/3D inline measurements. Each profile contains 3200 data points, so the shape of any target is accurately captured in exceptional detail, including the smallest flaws.

  • Door panel flush and gap measurement

  • Point, line, angle and distance measurement

  • Shaft diameter and foreign particle detection

  • Distance measurement with 2D Optical Micrometer

▼ Download the catalogs and choose which gap/clearance and distance measurement system suits your needs ▼


Serie LJ-X8000 Profilometro laser 2D/3D Catalogo

Serie LJ-X8000 Profilometro laser 2D/3D Catalogo
  • [Tipo di file]PDF:9.55MB

Serie TM-X5000 Sistema di misurazione telecentrico Catalogo

Serie TM-X5000 Sistema di misurazione telecentrico Catalogo
  • [Tipo di file]PDF:6.04MB

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